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学术报告-Rock Fatigue Fracture Modelling and Application in Subsurface Engineering

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报告题目: Rock Fatigue Fracture Modelling and Application in Subsurface Engineering


报告人:University of Strathclyde,Dr Shangtong Yang


报告人简介:Dr Shangtong Yang is an Associate Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Strathclyde, UK. His research interest is focused on the understanding of basic principles that control the mechanical properties and behaviours of civil engineering materials, in particular, rock-like materials such as concrete and rock. He sits in various international committees including the UK committee member of ASCE Engineering Mechanics Institute, international steering committee member of Sustainable Waste Management and the Chair of UK-China Workshop on Mining Waste Utilization. As PI or Co-PI, he has secured over £1 million research projects from UK EPSRC, EU Horizon 2020, etc. In this presentation, he will talk about his recent research findings through participating the UK £2.5 millions EPSRC Prosperity Partnership project on Smart Pulses in Subsurface Engineering.

摘要:Soft cyclic hydraulic fracturing has become an effective technology used in subsurface energy extraction which utilises cyclic hydraulic flow pressure to fracture rock. This new technique induces fatigue of rock to reduce the breakdown pressure and potentially the associated risk of seismicity. To control the fracturing process and achieve desirable fracture networks for enhanced permeability, the rock response under cyclic hydraulic stimulation needs to be understood. However, the mechanism for cyclic stimulation-induced fatigue of rock is unclear and there was no implementation of fatigue degradation in modelling the rock response under hydraulic cyclic loading. This makes accurate prediction of rock fracture under cyclic hydraulic pressure impossible. This presentation will talk about some recent development on modeling rock fracture induced by hydraulic pulses with consideration of rock fatigue, near-well fracture problem and fracture interaction.

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